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sn_fic's Journal

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Supernatural Fanfiction
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Welcome to sn_fic, a fanfiction community for the show Supernatural.

Please read ALL these rules carefully before posting.

1. This community exists solely for posting Supernatural fanfiction. Any posts not containing fic will be deleted immediately by the moderator, without exception.

2. Fic of any rating is welcome: het, slash or gen. Always use a header to label your story clearly, including: title, author, rating, pairing (if applicable), genre and any warnings that might apply. It is fine to link to the fic elsewhere, but if it is posted here, it needs to be put behind an lj-cut.

3. In consideration of your readers, the use of a beta before posting is strongly suggested. (A beta is someone who reads your story ahead of time and helps to correct any errors before you post it.) Under no circumstances should an unfinished, unbeta’d story be posted with a request that fellow community members correct it. If a story posted contains excessive, blatant typos, the moderator may delete the post it at her discretion.

4. Take the time to read the headers that people post, especially given that some stories about incest will be posted. Not everything will appeal to every person, and the headers can clue you in about whether a certain fic is something you're likely to enjoy or not.

5. Be respectful and courteous of your fellow community members. No insults or inflammatory language of any kind will be tolerated.

I realize that these rules are strict, but they are intended to give everyone the best community experience possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues regarding this community please feel free to email me anytime (koinaka.chan@gmail.com) and I will do my best to respond immediately.

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