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[FIC] Father's Gun (46/?)

Title: Father's Gun
Authors: diana_lucifera & tersichore
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: Mature
Warnings: minor character death, mentions of torture, the slowest of burns, and excessive bed-sharing
Summary: After the events of "Brother's Blood," Sam and Dean are faced with teaming up with John to hunt the Yellow-Eyed Demon, all while keeping Sam's powers a secret and dodging their dad's questions about just why things between them are so... different.

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( Chapter 46 )


Title: Sam
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: All he knows is that there was a blue light, and then he wasn't the same. As the brothers try to figure out what exactly happened to Sam, and who was responsible for it, they will have to deal with an interesting, albeit frustrating, new situation. Will Sam's new curves feed an affection that Dean will be unable to tame? If they cross that line, what happens to this girl who is not supposed exist? And, most importantly, what happens to the real Sam, Dean's brother, trapped in her body, looking through her eyes...?
Warnings: gender swap fic, girl!Sam

Chapter 5Collapse )
Title: Catch Me in a Dark Room (with a Storm Outside)
Authors: canonisrelative and stardust_made
Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst, Humor, Slash, Epistolary
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Warnings: Sibling incest, sexual themes, language
Word count: Over 100K altogether
Thanks to: analineblue for the enthusiastic and thoughtful beta and milly_gal for the gorgeous graphics.

 photo banner1LJjpg_zpsd4a38839.jpg

Summary: Canon divergent post season two where Sam doesn’t die and Dean doesn’t make any deals, and their lives take completely new turns. Sam goes back to college and Dean keeps hunting...but can they stay apart? A get-together story in a universe where the forces of Heaven and Hell left them alone.

Authors’ Notes: The story is complete and we intend to update regularly, every two to four days. Each of us took one character's POV and wrote him from start to finish. Part of the story is told only through text exchanges between Sam and Dean, while the other features a few text exchanges but is mostly in narrative form with alternating POVs. A lot of material ended up on the cutting room floor only because it didn’t quite fit within our frame; we feel some of it might be of interest to readers, so there’ll be some Special Features at the end.

Hello Yesterday 1/?

Title: Hello Yesterday

Author: emebalia

Category: Supernatural

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Rating: PG

Pairings: none

Warnings: none

Summary: A hunt gone wrong, busting out of the hospital, business as usual. Only this time Sam has a rather unusual question.

Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just playing with other people's toys.

Chapter 1

1. Title: Beauty I
Genre: gen, stream of consciousness
Characters: Dean (POV), the Impala, Sam
Word Count: ~3700
Rating: thematic R
Warnings: because the fic itself is gen, warning for brief m/m insinuations; trigger warning for extensive imagination of suicide
Summary: What to do when you might be beyond salvage, and how to tell your brother.
Notes: 10x05 "Fan Fiction" tag, slightly inflected with 3x10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls." It also fills my spnspiration bingo squares for "future tense" and "non-linearity." Serves as prequel to Beauty II, which is a short 10x06 tag.

What Dean imagines vibrantly before him takes the form of engine oil and brand new gaskets, pumping steel and bright red, arterial wires. For a moment, Dean loses himself to a fantasy of cotter pins and bearing cups. He wants, he realizes. He really wants.

2. Title: Beauty II
Genre: psychological horror, stream of consciousness, logical chaos
Characters: the Impala, Dean, Sam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~550
Notes: 10x06 "Ask Jeeves" tag.

Back to normal, people might say, if you knew people; back in black, they'd say, if they knew you well (if you knew any people to know you well).
Title: If the Sun Refused to Shine
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Supernatural
Genre: Angst, sweet angst. Drama, pre-canon, gen or pre-slash
Word count: ~ 1,300
Beta: My dear, talented partner-in-crime canonisrelative
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Disturbing imagery, near-death
Disclaimer: This was written for fun, not for profit and none will be made.

Summary: Four months before Sam left for Stanford a werewolf got its claws into him.

Author’s Notes: Canonisrelative and I have spent most of the year writing an epic multi-chapter Wincest story that diverges from canon at the end of season two: Sam doesn't die and so Dean doesn't make his deal. We start posting this weekend and plan on updating every few days, both on LJ and AO3. In the story, Dean's feelings for Sam are chartered through a few flashback snapshots of significant moments in their past—this is one of them. It can be read as a stand alone. I hope you enjoy!

Read it at my LJ or on AO3.

Tell me where we go from here 2/?

Title: Tell me where we go from here

Author: lady_emebalia

Category: Supernatural

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Dean/Castiel

Warnings: none

Summary: Getting together is the hard part and then it's happily ever after, right? Nobody told Dean that making it work is the real challenge. Destiel. Picks up in 10x03 and goes AU from there.

Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just playing with other people's toys

Chapter 2

Bad Blood 17/? [NC17] Sam/Dean

Title: Bad Blood (Scene 17)
Author: fanspired
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Language. Sexual content. Contains guest character death and incidents of death and violence about equivalent to the original show.
Disclaimer: I write for love only. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke/CW
Note: Episode 6 in the series The Song Remains the Same (Can be read as a stand alone story)
Characters: Sam, Dean, The Campbell family, Lenore, Eli, others, and introducing Jimmy Masters (NB: This fic contains a character homage but it is NOT a crossover story, nor an RPS).
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Early Relationship, First Times, Horror, Romance
Summary: A clue about the colt leads Sam Campbell and Dean Winchester to Red Lodge where Dean is surprised and delighted to run into an old college buddy. Sam is less thrilled and is determined to prove the handsome charmer isn't all he appears. Meanwhile, a confrontation with vampires stirs painful memories of his fatal last case with the Campbells.

Scene 17 (word count 4130)


Title: Comfort
Characters: Castiel, Dean
Genre: Gen
Word count: 400 (quadruple drabble, 100 words each part)
Rating: PG
Summary: Castiel makes Dean cocoa.
Written for the prompt: Peppermint
A/N: For anyone who may have seen this on, I added a section.  Also, this is all the fault of amberdreams and quickreaver and their devastating 10.9 codas.  So, be warned.  This is not a happy, heartwarming fic.

( Castiel still doesn’t understand “comfort food” but he’s beginning to see the appeal. )

Christmas Cabin 2/3 [NC-17] Sam/Dean

Title: Christmas Cabin
Authors: Cas (virtualpersonal) & brimstonegold
Pairing and characters: Professor!Sam/Hunter!Dean (AU, not bros)
Ratings/Warnings: NC 17

 photo tinybannerforxmas_zps62e4927a.jpg

Summary: College Professor Sam is caught in a blizzard and Dean is more than happy to give him shelter at his cabin. If you’re looking for something short, sweet, sexy and Xmassy, you’ve found it.

Chapter 2


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